Rainbow Loom Refills

Rainbow Loom Refills & pattern tutorials that walk you through making these really great stretchy rubber band bracelets using this product called the Rainbow Loom.

Rainbow Loom Refills

You can make them so quick and easy that you’ll make them for you, for your friends, you can even take this kit with you in the car on a road trip, make them in the car, knock a bunch out, and pass the time.

The rainbow loom kit comes with the loom, which will be your base for making all the bracelets.
It’s going to help you create your rainbow loom patterns and it’s actually going to be what you pull your bracelet off of and have a completed project.

You have your rainbow loom crochet hook here, which is what helps you overlap the rubber bands and create your rainbow loom pattern.

We even have all these different color assorted rainbow loom refills of rubber bands for you to choose whatever you want your colors to be and we have these clasps here to help you finish and complete your rubber band.

So, let’s get started with the first step!

Rainbow Loom Refills

Whenever you are ready to start, make sure that the arrow at the bottom of the loom is pointing up.

Take your first color rubber band and start on the far left…

right here. Put your rubber band on and loop at a diagonal angle to the next spoke.

You’re going to take another color if you want, put it on top of that one, up to the next.

You’re just going to continue a diagonal zig zag pattern with your rubber bands.

So, you’re going to do this all the way to the top.

Whenever you add your rubber band just make sure it’s sitting right on top of the next one.

Once your rubber bands reach the end of the loom, it’s time for step two.

Rainbow Loom Kit

Flip the rainbow loom.

So, now you’re arrow is pointing down.

Now you get your crochet hook and you’re going to start at the bottom of the loom.

You’re going to pull your second rubber band right here up, around, and over the diagonal spoke.

And again, pull this color out, up and around the diagonal spoke.

You’re just going to repeat this pattern all the way to the top.

Just try to lay your rubber bands down as smooth as you can.

Try to get it without twisting.

When you get to the end of your loom, you’ll do your final rubber band… stretched over… and you’ll get your clasp.

Rainbow Loom Patterns

You’ll pull your last piece and add the clasp in the middle…

to secure your rubber band and then, you pull off of the loom.

And, you have your finished piece!

Thanks for checking out our Rainbow Loom tutorial. Please check out our have a large collection of rainbow loom refills & patterns.